House-warming and Louse-Swarming

Welcome to my new abode. Please help yourself to some coffee and cake. Leave your presents next to the credenza. Thank you.

I have chosen this new location because the overly templative nature of my prior location was cumbersome. I mean, I couldn't even post pictures in my posts. Ridiculous. So, as of last January I decided I would make this my new home. However, my final semester of university delayed my learning of HTML code. After at least six months I finally decided to spend some time on this nonsense. And here it is. Now I just went ahead and edited the template they gave me here at the Blogger. I also threw some other stuff in, took some stuff out (the blue around my profile picture was an eyesore upon this marvel of website-dom) and messed around. And this is the result. If there are any problems with coding that show up or colour contrasts that are awkward, let me know.

Despite this up-ending, paradigm-shift-like move, you need not be intimidated. Never fear, ladies and gentelmen. Those old posts of wit and wonder are still available. In fact they are still available right here! I spent a rather tedious amount of time moving them over yesterday. Thus my July archives should now be rather crowded.

I have also had considerable amounts of fun titling my links. This is a function where, upon hovering your mouse above the link, you are able to have one of them li'l yella boxes show up with a description of the link. Now, of course, I'm not the type to take this function entirely seriously, and thus most of my links have something relatively clever as their title. This was my one source of entertainment when publishing my old posts at this location. Those titles might also be an excuse to go back and reread them. Kind of like those easter eggs you get on DVD menus and the like. I also edited many of them. So they are in better form and format than what they had been. Original posting dates have been included as well, so you can understand that I was not typing a diatribe on Valentines Day two days after Singleness Appreciation Day. Or Independence Day. Whatever you call it.

A few other notes: I seem to be a fan of several webcomics with food in their title. I hadn't realized this until composing this list of links, actually. Certainly there are many jokes that be made in regards to this. Perhaps you could keep them written in the cards that you included in your house-warming gift, rather than vocalizing them. I also haven't yet finished a list of blogs. I will likely include more. And the list of links will likely change according to whimsy.

The ribbon has been cut, and the giant novelty scissors given to Emo the Clown. Thank you for your coming. Stop by again soon. And bring cash.


Sam said...

Will Emo the Clown make giant novelty slits on his wrists?

Lethal Interjection said...

Not until after he goes home, cries, and listens to some Fallout Boy.