Happy Christmas (the shopping is over)

It is time for another Christmas post! This was supposed to be a few different posts, but my cracked elbow (one-handed typing sucks) and lack of time have made it rather condensed. So here it is.

First of all, working retail during Christmas is terrible. Now I don't normally have to deal with customers, but my cracked elbow and modified duties have found me out on the floor for the 2 weeks before Christmas. Now, I've seen lots of funny and strange things during this two weeks, and many frustratingly stupid customers. Okay, enough lead-in.
You see, there is a movie that Walmart sells called Faux Fire 2. I find this endlessly entertaining. I mean, it is a DVD of a crackling fire with a loop of about 8 Christmas songs. A must-buy. Nevermind that many areas have a station that plays this anyways, for free.
What is more hilarious, though, is that this DVD is a sequel. I mean, didn't the original Faux Fire pretty much say all that needed to be said on the subject? And the special features on the disc must be pretty awesome. Director commentaries. Deleted scenes. A gag reel. Making-of documentaries. And can you get it in HD? I want to really see those flames.
Now, all this has entertained me throughout the lead-up to the holidays, but while I was working this past week I saw a guy buy a bunch of these. Not one. Not two. Not even a half-dozen. He had an armload. From his palm to nearly his elbow, all of Faux Fire 2. I don't really know what he is planning to do with all of them. Perhaps they are gifts to all of his co-workers at a job he doesn't really like. Perhaps he plans on shingling his house with them. Or, perhaps they are collectors editions and each one has something unique and he needs to have them all. Whatever the case, it made me laugh.

Moving on. I hate Christmas carols. For the most part, anyways. (Working retail makes it worse, but I already did that diatribe.) There are too many artists doing the same 25 songs over and over. But they have to make them unique, so the add their own brand of vibrado, or Whitney Houston-ize them, or whathaveyou. Now there is some stuff I love. Seven Day Jesus does a fantastic O Holy Night. The Transiberian Orchestra is always a fun listen. However, I made it my goal to find some new stuff that I like. Oh, and the Barenaked Ladies and Sarah Maclachlan (spelling?) are great together, as is much of Sufjan Stevens' stuff. Here are some of what I found:
Rudolph - Jack Johnson. He changes the lyrics a bit from the original, and he does a great job.
Feliz Navidad - Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. Worth it simply for the border-rock feel and the phrase "put the tequila in the eggnog".
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Coldplay. I can't resist me some Coldplay.
And finally, what may be my new favourite version of any Christmas carol: Joy to the World - Eef Barzelay. (click to listen). A stripped-down acoustic version that is sung beautifully (with out all the ridiculous pomp of traditional Joy to the World's) and is almost emotionally striking.

Anyways, that is all I can think of here in my short time before I head out for Christmas celebrations. So have a a Merry Christmas, everyone.