Please, Watch Out For Low-flying Homonyms

I really can't say much about it, so I'll let the following excerpt from a news article speak for itself. I've included the opening paragraphs as originally (in case they... fixed it) found, the bolding theirs, as it is essentially an intro to the situation for those unaware (as I was).

The province of Nova Scotia will review the use of Tasers after a man with psychiatric problems died at a Dartmouth correctional facility, 30 hours after being shocked by police.

Justice Minister Cecil Clarke ordered the review after the death of 45-year-old Howard Hyde, who had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

Hyde's common-law wife, Karen Ellet, told CTV Atlantic that she was shocked by her husband's death.

Hopefully you have seen the rather unfortunate choice of wording. The writer obviously wasn't paying particular attention, especially since they used the same word twice in these three small paragraphs, with very different meanings. Just tactless.
This is the problem with internet news, of course. Speed is more important than anything, so stuff like this probably passes through as few hands as possible. And apparently no one read it.

*More on my return (hopefully) to blogging in the next (hopefully) post, which will be coming soon (hopefully).

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Jay said...

Glad to see you back, even if it was a terrible article that brought you here.