Stop the Revolution!

For some reason I was thinking about the Good Idea, Bad Idea segments from Animaniacs the other day. And once again YouTube showed its incredible usefulness, as searching the site provided multiple results, and made me quite happy. Well, while I was thinking about them, I came up with one:

Good Idea: Holding the door for your date.

Bad Idea: Holding the revolving door for your date

I thought it was funny. It's considerably more funny if you picture said date running into the door. That is all. Carry on.


Jay said...

That is pretty funny, in a cartoon kind of way, not in a out-on-an-actual date kind of way. If you expect to get laid.

Natalie Frisk said...

I love the Good Idea, Bad Idea clips from Animaniacs. Number one favourite clip...

Good idea: Ordering a chili dog to go.

Bad idea: Ordering a chili dog that makes you go.

Anyway, fantastic.

Jay said...

I don't want to pry, but...are you okay?

Lethal Interjection said...

I'm fine, yeah. I just haven't updated in a while because a) I've been working on one that requires some thought and b) I've been quite busy.
I've been meaning to get back on the blogging horse, and it'll happen soon, I hope.