Video Game Heckling

I have been known to spend some time watching Sam play some video game or another. Yes, watching, not even playing. I know that's kind of a strange thing to do, but I never claimed to be the coolest person. That said, this has diminished of late, as the TV and subsequent gaming systems are not in the same room as my computer and whatnot.

While I watch said video games, I often comment on the goings-on, make fun of the characters, etc. No game is quite as good for this as Kingdom Hearts 2 (I should also mention that of the games Sam plays most often, KH2 is the only one I have any interest in actually playing). There are so many places just ripe for comment that watching this game is much more fun than any other, because of our MST3K-style commentary (For those who don't know, MST3K stands for Mystery Science Theatre 3000, a program/movie which makes fun of movies and old school PSAs in a commentary fashion, done by a guy and two robots. And it is incredibly funny.) So we'll insert bits of dialogue, make comments about whether a character will be caught in the train door, etc. However, what has never happened before is having the game actually respond. Here is roughly how the conversation went...

Sam: Hey, they have some Chippendale's on the ship! (referring to the fact that the pilots are Chip and Dale, the Disney characters)

Tim: Well, really they only have one Chippendale.

Sora (the game's main character): Only one?

We laughed hard for a solid minute, and then continued laughing when Donald said something (I can't recall exactly what) which followed up on Sora's comment. The character was clearly talking about something else, but that certainly didn't take away from the hilarity.

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