A Crustacean Presentation

So, I've got crabs.

Yup, I finally redeemed birthday and Christmas gift certificates to pick me up some pets. Meet Statler and Waldorf...

StatlerWaldorf They are hermit crabs. The pictures are terrible, I know. Apparently my camera is garbage, especially when focussing on smaller objects. And as these, or at least their shells, are about the size of the inside of my palm (that is the end of my thumb in the upper left corner, for a somewhat better idea of scale), they didn't turn out very nice. As they grow, they need bigger shells. Waldorf actually molted within a day of me buying them. And as you can tell his shell is considerably more shiny.

I've got them in a 10 gallon tank with a wood chip base, a water dish, some rocks and a branch, though they spend most of the time burrowed in the wood chips. Or at least when I'm not moving them around or having them pose for pictures (it is difficult to get blush on crab antennae).

For those who don't know the reference, they are named after the two cynical, grumpy (err... crabby) old men from The Muppet Show. Boo... and all that. I considered getting a third and naming him Zoidberg, but who wants a penniless, lonely, and generally depressed crab? Emo kids, that's who. (On a side note, Statler and Waldorf (the Muppets, not my crabs) have a rather funny webcast where they review movies.)

Boo! Boooo! That was the worst post I've ever read! It was terrible! Horrendous! Well, it wasn't that bad. Oh yeah? There were parts of it I liked. Yeah, I liked a lot of it. Yeah, it was good, actually. It was great! It's wonderful! Ah, bravo! More! More!

Also, I just found out that my sister picked me up a ticket for the Ben Folds concert at the Kool Haus in about a month. Very, very exciting.

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Shan said...

Congratulations on your new pets, I love the names of them! Also, have fun at Ben Folds, though I know that you will, since he is quite amazing!