In Search of Saving Serum for Snake Strike

So a few weeks ago I came across a banner advertisement for a search engine. I think the search engine was Windows Live Search, but I'm not sure (I had snapped a screen cap of ad in question, but that went the way of the rest of the stuff on my computer). This advertisement suggested that it was the way to find what you were looking for right away, or something like that. You know, a fast search engine with quick and accurate results. In this banner ad there was a picture of some of the site, these slogans and such, and inside of the search bar was written "antivenom."

Yep. Thats right. Antivenom.

I have a feeling that if you have a desperate need for quick and accurate results on "antivenom" it might be too late for you. Perhaps calling 911 might be a more pertinent exercise.

Now I can see a reason for such a search to be necessary. Lets say that you keep your house full of poisonous snakes. And lets say that you have a medicine cabinet full of the antivenoms for such snakes. You know, just to be safe. Now you were bitten by a snake, and while you are able to tell what snake it was that bit you, you can't remember what antivenom goes with that snake. So you need to do a quick websearch to find the results. Then you take the antivenom and everything is dandy in short time.

Otherwise, you'd be better off searching for plush coffins and sending out e-vites to your funeral.

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