A Telling Omen of the Demise of Snowmen

Ritual suicide and Tim Hortons?
Just see for yourself...

Either they didn't see or are ignoring the Hot Be Careful warning
It seems that Tim Horton's has seen it fit to include two suicidal snowmen in this year's holiday cup. While it is disturbing enough for me to see these two snowmen with Tim Horton's cups in their hands, I shudder at imagining the carnage that happens when these two drink their fatal hot chocolates.
The cup looks like it was designed by Jim Jones or, more likely, by Calvin.
Don't do it, kids. Life's worth living.


Dan Ponsen said...

I wonder if this really is just an innocent mistake or if the guys in marketing are having a really bad year and did this to portray how they are feeling?!?!

Lethal Interjection said...

Perhaps the designers were emo.
Maybe next year's cup will have the snowmen slitting their wrists with curling irons.