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You could call this a gigablog, blogofractal or simply an uber-update. You see, I'm moving this week and it may be a week or two before I get to throw up another update. You know, waiting for the modem and whatnot. Sooner rather than later, I hope.

So what this post will be, then, is a rather thrown together mess of things that have interested me over the last little while. Enjoy.

Firstly, I heard another ridiculous advertisement on the radio. This commercial was promoting some event or another. I don't remember what it was, but it was sponsored by Pepsi. One of the benefits of attending this event was that you could record a message into a life-sized Pepsi can. Yup, life-sized. Incredible isn't it? Nothing regular about a life-sized Pepsi can. It isn't at all like the life-sized Pepsi can sitting on my desk as I type. Oh, wait. It is. Only the can at the event records your message. Amazing. It might be difficult to miss, and this little Pepsi recording device is clearly why the people are attending the event. Why else would they tell us if not to catch our interest and draw us to this event? Also, you wouldn't want them to trip over it. Think of the lawsuits. Obviously, this can not life-sized, unless you were about 90 ft. tall. No, the can is probably closer to 6 ft. tall, making it human-sized, not life sized. However, it just illustrates that, again, people need to think once in a while. Just a suggestion.

If you haven't checked out Matt Costa yet, do it now. I recently picked up the CD and it is fantastic. I haven't been this impressed with a CD purchase in quite a while. Perhaps since the Garden State soundtrack, only in that case I had heard the disc before purchasing it. With this one I only heard a couple of tracks. Speaking of which, anyone who enjoys the Garden State soundtrack will very likely enjoy this CD as well. This CD, Songs We Sing,  reminded me of that soundtrack considerable. Also Simon and Garfunkel. You can check out a few tracks on his myspace music page. I don't care too much for Sweet Rose,  which is included there, but it is the only song I don't enjoy on the whole CD. So, check it out.

A co-worker told me about this. It sounded funny, so I searched it up. Watching it was even funnier. Check it out, though ignore the obnoxious intro over the first 25 seconds or so. Also, it has a swear or two. You have been warned. Basically it pokes fun at magicians, especially David Blaine.

I have recently started reading a great magazine called Geez.  My mother introduced it to me and ever since picking it up, I have loved it. It is advertisement-less, the layout is similar to the idea of a "zine", and the writing is simply wonderful to read. Maybe that's because they write like I do. Oh, and it is Christian, based out of Manitoba, and very much postmodern. They are a shade on the hippy side of things, but while I don't agree whole-heartedly with everything they write, I do find myself very sympathetic towards their views. Definitely check it out. They are at Nidus 2006 this coming weekend (ooh, Civic Holiday!), where I will be on the Saturday with Dan.

Me and Sam hit up an Eels concert about a month ago . It was great. Unfortunately to placate the masses this was a bit more of a rockier tour, as the last tour was the lighter side of the Eels. This is understandable as there are probably different fans who prefer different sides of the Eels. I prefer the lighter side, but I have the DVD for such a tour on my shelf, which I can watch at any time. Highlights of the show were definitly Krazy Al making the show considerably entertaining, with his shadow-boxing and the like. Their cover of I Put a Spell on You  followed by another cover of That's Life.  Both were awesome. A sped up version of My Beloved Monster  was also cool.

While this is an older clip, its a really fun clip of the Eels kicking it on Letterman. Very entertaining. (Interesting fact: Mark Oliver Everett, known as E, called the band the Eels so it would be next to his solo work, under E. Unfortunately this was poorly thought out as The Eagles are located between E and Eels. Oops.)

Well, that's about all I can think of. That should keep you busy for a week or two.

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